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Dispute mediation

The concept "mediation" comes from the Latin "mediare" — to mediate. Mediation is negotiations with the participation of a third, neutral party interested in the parties resolving their dispute in the most beneficial way for the conflicting parties.
In accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 2 of Federal Law No. 193-FZ of 27.07.2010 "On an alternative procedure for resolving disputes with the participation of a mediator (mediation procedure)", a mediation procedure is a method of resolving disputes with the assistance of a mediator on the basis of the voluntary consent of the parties in order to achieve a mutually acceptable solution.

What we specialize in:
- Our experts master all modern types and techniques of mediation, which helps to achieve mutually beneficial results for the disputing parties;
- We carry out mediation to resolve corporate, property, family and other disputes;
- We help in resolving conflicts at the prelitigation stage, guided by one of the the main principles of the Anglo-Saxon legal system.