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Corporate disputes

About this direction
These are conflicts arising from relations connected with the management and control of legal entities as well as relationships between persons who have the ability to directly or indirectly influence the activities of a legal entity.

A company with more than one founder or member is automatically at risk due to the possibility of corporate conflicts.
To reliably regulate relations between several business founders and/or company members, it is important to be especially careful when preparing corporate documents and also apply additional legal mechanisms.
We will assist in the preparation or verification of corporate documents and advise on corporate matters in various foreign jurisdictions (countries).

What we do:
1. Corporate conflicts between LLC members and shareholders.
2. Corporate conflicts between members, shareholders, and the sole executive body.
3. Issues related to inheriting a business or a share in a business.
4. Legal support for sale/purchase of a business or a share in the authorized capital.
5. Withdrawal of a member of the company from the business, allocation of a share.
6. Issues related to the company's dividend policy.