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Business reputation protection

Business reputation is an object of civil rights and an intangible benefit that is subject to protection by virtue of the current legislation. The peculiarity of cases on the protection of the business reputation of legal entities is that the circumstances that are significant for the case are: the fact of dissemination of information discrediting the nature of this information, the inaccuracy of their reality. In the absence of at least one of these facts, the court will not be able to satisfy the claim.
Defamatory information, in particular, is information containing allegations of violation by a legal entity of the current legislation, commission of a dishonest act, wrong, dishonesty in the implementation of production, economic and entrepreneurial activities, violation of business ethics or business customs, which diminish the business reputation of a citizen or legal entity. The person who requires protection must also prove the fact of dissemination and defamatory nature of this information, the defendant can prove their compliance with reality.
It is also important to realize whether such dissemination of defamatory information contains signs of corpus delicts under article 129 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. If there are some of them, we will ensure the protection of your rights as a victim in a criminal case, we will achieve its initiation and bring the guilty to justice.